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The Joy of Muscadines
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The Joy of Muscadines

Dr. Curtis Lane seemingly always had an interest in muscadine grapes and through the years a yearning was ever present for a vineyard. This vineyard materialized in the early 1970's when a few vines were planted at, what eventually became known as, Lake Charles Vineyards, outside of Garfield, GA. These few vines grew through the years until they encompassed over six acres, 7,000 linear feet of trellis, and 150+ varieties of muscadines. A tremendous amount of experience and knowledge were realized from years of working with these grapes. Due to ill health, the vineyard work had to be abandoned about the turn of the century. This book, The Joy of Muscadines, needed to be completed and this has been done during the last days of his eighty-ninth year. Many hopes you will find as much pleasure in reading this book as Curtis had in authoring it.


Author: Dr. Curtis Lane


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